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Sorry. Hope it gets better.

Unlikely! My disorder is degenerative. It’s only been getting worse. 

If I went and filled my pain pill prescriptions I might feel better, but those are just pretty lies in pill form, and I’d rather be able to feel what my body is actually doing instead of wandering around blissfully numb.

iman23 asked:

Oh you're going to play that way then? That's hot. I want to show you what you do to my cock. Would you like that, Sexy?

You have no tagged/me, and I don’t even really see feet in your blog at all. So why are you bothering with me? 

Hint: I don’t want to be bothered if you just want to chase a random pussy. 

Hint: I don’t want to be bothered even if you like feet. :)


You have a question? I will answer. You want to submit? Cool, I might publish it. 

Other than that, go away.

I’ll always be into art and drawing, I just don’t have energy for it a lot anymore. My hands hurt and shake and it’s difficult. 

Anonymous asked:

You may have answered this somewhere but I'm not quite sure... At least I haven't seen it but have you or have you fantasized about sucking a guy off while his cock is wrapped in nylons and sucking him until he cums inside the nylons? Also do you have a gag reflex? I know you are into men wearing hosiery so maybe this is something you are into as well

I have never fantasized about it. Mainly because although I like the look of cocks in nylon and legs in nylon, I’m not as big of a fan of the way it causes abrasions in my mouth if I try to lick it or suck on it. But my skin is far more sensitive than other people’s so… that’s why. :) 

My gag reflex is not as strong as some people’s, but if you ram your dick into the back of my throat, I’m not a fan, I can’t breathe when it’s back there and I start to panic. And my mouth is no match to Annette Schwarz. The average mouth can only fit 5” of dick into it, mine’s slightly less than that. I’ve never had a dick actually attempt to enter the throat, but I’m going to take a guess that mine is too small. Things on my body just don’t stretch. Once again, this is a thing related to my disorder and my skin ripping and tearing and stuff.